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If you have a sweet tooth like me and want to make sure after each meal you have a chance to try some delectable cakes, you can’t go wrong with the list below.

One great thing about Japanese cakes are that when compared to other countries (Australia or America), they know how to get the sweetness and richness balanced just right.

My recommendations for Tokyo based cafes and cake shops have been added so you can go where locals go. Alot of these places are really popular on Japanese SNS too.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the list.

1. Strawberry Shortcake (苺ショートケーキ)

Image from Timeout (Source)
Check out Timeout’s page about the best Strawberry Shortcakes in Tokyo.

This one is my absolute favourite cake and would buy a whole cake and eat it all by myself. Unfortunately, I am a relatively healthy person and quite sensible too, so would only do this sometimes 😉

The cake consists of soft, moist sponge cake, cream and strawberries in a layered cake. The cream is not overly sweet and the strawberries pair really well with it, to make the whole cake come together.

Fun Fact
The Strawberry Shortcake is also the Christmas cake in Japan. Which is much better than the hard puddings from the UK, in my opinion.
Where should you go?

Fancy Option: Harbs (880円/Slice)

Image by Harbs (Source)

They have cafes all over Japan and a few in the USA but the one I often go to is Shinjuku and Shibuya. Check out the links below to find the cafe closest to you.

They have a delicious strawberry shortcake with luxurious cream. There’s typically a line on the weekend but if you go on a weekday at the right time, you can get lucky and go straight in. Have been lucky to get straight in and another time waited over an hour.

Note that if you get the set with drink, the slice is thinner than just getting the cake on its own.

Shop List:

Cheaper Option: Cozy Corner Ginza (453円/Slice)

A great store to find all kinds of cakes including the Strawberry Shortcake. While not as luxurious as Harbs, it is nonetheless soft, moist and delicious. If you don’t feel like queuing up and want a quick Strawberry Shortcake at a cheaper price point, check it out.

Image from Cozy Corner Ginza (Source)

Shop Locations:

2. Cheesecake (チーズケーキ)

Japanese Fluffy Cheesecake

Image from Tasty (Source)

Japan is world famous for their dairy products, hokkaido soft cream, high grade milk and soft, creamy butter. Feel free to add the humble cheesecake to that list of world class food, which in recent years has been circulating to other countries.

There are so many different types of cheesecakes, rare cheesecake, baked cheesecake, New York cheesecake but the most famous Japanese cheesecakes are the light, fluffy cheesecakes which melt in your mouth. We call it Souffle Cheesecake in Japan (スフレチーズケーキ). Don’t leave Japan without trying out a few different versions…. a few times.

Where should you go?

The Best: Le Tao Double Fromage Cheesecake (ドゥーブルフロマージュ) (1728円/whole)

Without a doubt, the best cheesecake I have ever eaten in my life. Soft, creamy and cheesy with a solid balance. No other cheesecake can match up with this one. Seriously, if you’re in Japan and haven’t eaten this yet, go find out where you can get one.

LeTao Double Fromage is better than souffle cheesecake!

They often sell for limited time in Tokyo and other areas but you can get it all year around in Hokkaido.

Image from Le Tao (Source)
The actual cheesecake looks just as advertised.

Shop List:

Popular and Different: Pure White Cheesecake Basket (チーズケーキ かご盛り 白らら) (1080円)

The fluffiest cheesecake you’ll ever find. This cheesecake has been making the rounds on Japanese Social Media for its uniqueness, instagram ready look and great flavours.

Whether you want a great cheesecake or want to snap up a unique looking cheesecake to tease your FOMO friends, check this out.

There’s also a strawberry version, so you can have seconds without guilt.

Image from Ginnobudo (Source)

Shop List:

Souffle Style: Camembert Cheese Souffle Dome (カマンベールチーズスフレドーム) (1296円)

If you still haven’t had enough Cheesecake you can try this popular souffle style cheesecake at Keith Manhattan in Daimaru Tokyo. If you want to go the souffle cheesecake route, you can’t go wrong with this dome of delightfulness.

Keith Manhattan is quite popular in Tokyo and has been quite popular around Japanese SNS.

Image from ONEB (Source)

Shop Location: Daimaru Tokyo

3. Mont Blanc (モンブラン)

Image from Henri-Charpentier (Source)

Mont Blanc is an under-rated cake abroad but in Japan this cake is very popular. Mont Blanc is like a cup cake which is made with chestnut paste and whipped cream on a sponge or meringue.

The rich chestnut paste and light milk cream has a beautiful harmony on your taste buds. If you like chestnut, you’ll enjoy this cake.

Where you should go?

Worth It: Giotto Mont Blanc (ジョトォモンブラン) (648円)

Giotto’s most popular, signature cake is a 10cm tall Mont Blanc. I think the picture says it all.

Image from Mi Journey Foodie (Source)

4. Mille Crepe (ミルクレープ)

Image from Tasting Table (Source)

Mille crepe is layered goodness. The name comes from French which means thousands of crepes. Obviously a mille crepe doesn’t actually have a thousands layers but more like 20-40. There are also mille crepe which have fruit and cream between layers.

Where you should go?

Fancy Option: Harbs (880円/Slice)

Mille crepe is Harb’s most popular item and is a 6 layer mille crepe with fruit and cream inbetween. There’s a lot packed into this one slice. The cake isn’t overly sweet and stacks up to the hype (pun intended).

Just remember that if you’re at Harbs, don’t forget to try No. 1 on this list, the Strawberry Shortcake.

Image from Daily More – Shino (Source)

5. Roll Cake (ロールケーキ)

Image from Mon-Cher (Source)

A simple and delicious cake to eat for morning or afternoon tea. Soft, moist sponge cake with a well balanced cream filling. There’s not much more to say about this cake. Pair it with a coffee and you have your afternoon tea set.

You’ll be amazed at how decadent Japan has made this simple cake. Trust me, it’s nothing like the swiss rolls I’ve tried overseas. Japan has taken it to its next level.

Where should you go?

Different Option: Kihachi Trifle Roll (627円/Cut)

The Kihachi Trifle Roll (キハチトライフルロール) isn’t your standard roll cake because it comes with different fruits within the cream. Soft mouth watering sponge with a creamy, fruit filled centre.

Image from Kihachi (Source)

Shop List:

Cheaper Option: Lawson Premium Roll Cake (150円)

You might not know that Japan’s convenience store’s compete every season for the coveted title of top desserts. Lawson wins quite often and for week’s you won’t be able to find the top 3 desserts in local convenience stores.

Lawson has “Uchi Café SWEETS” which produce their seasonal desserts including their Premium Roll Cake (プレミアムロールケーキ), which are cheaper and still super delicious. Worth your spare change.

Image from Lawson (Source)

Shop List in English:

Lawson Convenience Stores are everywhere.

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